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Pipes: The Puzzle

Pipes: The Puzzle is a captivating game where connecting pipes is the key to supplying the city with water. Tackle intricate puzzles, take advantage of helpful hints, and see how many levels you can conquer!


1. Logic and Strategy: Pipes: The Puzzle combines elements of logic and strategy, offering players a thinking challenge that engages and entertains. Plan your pipe connections carefully to ensure a seamless water supply to the city.

2. Puzzling Levels: Explore a multitude of levels, each presenting a unique and increasingly complex puzzle. From straightforward challenges to mind-bending configurations, Pipes: The Puzzle keeps you on your toes with its diverse array of levels.

3. Water Supply Mission: Your mission is clear - supply water to the city. Strategically connect pipes to create an uninterrupted flow, navigating around obstacles and challenges. The city's water supply is in your hands!

4. Hint System: If you find yourself stuck on a particularly tricky level, don't worry! Pipes: The Puzzle provides a helpful hint system to guide you through the challenging puzzles. Use hints wisely to overcome obstacles and advance to the next level.

5. Engaging Gameplay: Enjoy a game that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. Pipes: The Puzzle offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible for players of all ages, while challenging even the most seasoned puzzle enthusiasts.


1. Connect the Pipes: Your primary task is to connect pipes on the game board. Ensure that every pipe is linked correctly to create a continuous flow of water from the source to the city.

2. Overcome Challenges: Navigate through obstacles, twists, and turns as you plan your pipe connections. Each level presents new challenges, requiring a thoughtful approach to conquer.

3. Complete the Levels: Successfully connect all pipes to complete each level. Progress through the game by mastering increasingly complex puzzles and unlocking new levels.

4. Hint Utilization: Don't hesitate to use the hint system when faced with a particularly challenging puzzle. Hints provide valuable guidance, helping you overcome obstacles and continue your water supply mission.

5. Test Your Skills: Pipes: The Puzzle is designed to test your logical thinking and strategic planning. Challenge yourself to complete as many levels as possible and become a master pipe connector.

Embark on a journey of logical exploration with Pipes: The Puzzle. With its engaging gameplay, diverse levels, and a hint system to assist you when needed, this game offers a delightful and challenging experience for puzzle enthusiasts. How many levels can you conquer in this water supply adventure? Dive into Pipes: The Puzzle and find out!

How to play Pipes: The Puzzle

Using mouse

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