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Pico Park

A Cooperative Multiplayer Puzzle Adventure

Embark on a cooperative multiplayer journey with Pico Park, an action-packed independent game developed by TECOPARK. Launched for Microsoft Windows in 2016 via the Steam video game retailer, Pico Park introduces players to a unique world of action-puzzle gameplay, with a focus on local multiplayer interactions.

Cooperative Multiplayer Excitement: Pico Park Unveiled

Pico Park stands out as a cooperative multiplayer experience that brings players together in a world of challenging puzzles and engaging action. Developed by TECOPARK, the game encourages collaboration as players work collectively to overcome a variety of puzzles and obstacles. The cooperative gameplay fosters camaraderie, making Pico Park an ideal choice for those seeking a shared gaming adventure.

Action-Puzzle Dynamics: Unraveling the Gameplay

At the core of Pico Park lies the fusion of action and puzzle elements. Players are challenged to navigate through levels filled with puzzles that require teamwork and strategic thinking to solve. The game's dynamics provide an interactive and engaging experience, requiring players to communicate effectively and coordinate their efforts to progress through the diverse puzzles presented in the game.

Independent Gem on Steam: Pico Park's Debut

Pico Park made its debut on the Microsoft Windows platform in 2016, entering the gaming scene through the popular video game retailer, Steam. As an independent game, Pico Park quickly gained attention for its cooperative multiplayer design, offering a fresh and enjoyable approach to puzzle-solving within a local multiplayer setting.

How to play Pico Park

Two to eight players can play in Pico Park. To finish the stages, all players must cooperate while controlling separate characters. Use the arrow keys, WASD, TFGH, or IJKL keys to control.

  • To move, use the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Use the spacebar or up key to jump.
  • Use the C or down keys to squat.
  • Proceed through it to obtain the key. Approach the door and hit the enter key to open it.

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