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Peet Sneak

Peet Sneak is an exhilarating stealth adventure game where players assume the role of Peet, a cunning protagonist on a daring mission to reach the most coveted sanctuary: a toilet hidden within a locked room. Set in dimly lit corridors teeming with lurking guards and locked doors, this game offers a thrilling test of patience, strategy, and timing.


  • Stealth Gameplay: Navigate through shadowy corridors, utilizing stealth and cunning to evade guards and unlock sealed doors on your quest for the toilet.

  • Immersive Environment: Explore intricately designed levels filled with obstacles, challenges, and hidden secrets as you guide Peet toward his ultimate goal.

  • Intuitive Controls: Control Peet with simple clicks or holds, allowing for smooth and intuitive gameplay as you maneuver through each perilous situation.

  • Strategic Challenges: Employ a combination of stealth tactics and strategic thinking to outsmart guards, collect essential items, and solve intricate puzzles standing in Peet's way.

  • Tension and Suspense: Experience heightened tension with every step as you risk discovery by vigilant guards, adding an element of thrill and excitement to the gameplay.


  • Use stealth and cunning to sneak past guards and avoid detection while collecting keys to unlock doors.

  • Strategically plan your movements, taking advantage of the environment and obstacles to outwit guards and progress through each level.

  • Collect essential items and solve puzzles to overcome obstacles and reach the ultimate goal: the elusive toilet hidden within the locked room.

  • Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, as every move could lead to discovery and failure in Peet Sneak game.

How to play Peet Sneak

Using mouse

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