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Nullify is a math puzzle game that challenges players to clear the screen by merging numbers and math symbols. The game aims to improve players' logic and math skills through a combination of handcrafted levels and infinite-generated levels.

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Objective and Gameplay:

In Nullify, the objective is to clear everything from the screen by merging numbers and math symbols. You are presented with a grid that contains various numbers and math symbols. By dragging and merging compatible elements, you create new equations and expressions that result in zero (nullifying the elements).


  1. Levels: Nullify offers 56 handcrafted levels that players can complete. These levels are designed to progressively challenge your logic and math skills, introducing new elements and obstacles as you progress.

  2. Infinite Game Modes: In addition to the handcrafted levels, Nullify provides four infinite game modes. These modes generate endless levels for an unlimited gameplay experience. Test your skills and see how far you can go!

  3. Black and White Theme: The game features a black and white theme that can be inverted. This visual style provides a clean and minimalist aesthetic, enhancing focus on the numbers and symbols.

  4. Simple Controls: Nullify offers simple and easy controls. You can drag the elements on the screen to merge them, creating new equations and expressions. The intuitive controls allow for smooth and fluid gameplay.

  5. Math Symbols: The game includes 13 math symbols that players can use to form equations and expressions. These symbols range from basic arithmetic operators (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to more advanced symbols like square roots and exponents.

Nullify is designed to be both challenging and educational, providing a platform to enhance logic and math skills in an engaging way. By solving puzzles and merging numbers, players can improve their problem-solving abilities and mathematical understanding.

Whether you enjoy the curated levels or prefer the infinite game modes for continuous challenges, Nullify offers a unique and enjoyable math puzzle experience. Sharpen your mind, exercise your math skills, and have fun clearing the screen with this intriguing puzzle game.

How to play Nullify

To move things, use the left mouse button.

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