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Merge Thirteen

Merge Thirteen is a delightful and addictive logic puzzle game that promises hours of entertainment. With its relaxing gameplay and vibrant, colorful graphics, this game provides a perfect blend of challenge and visual appeal. Available for free play on Little Games, Merge Thirteen offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.


Connecting Board Pieces: In Merge Thirteen, the rules are simple yet captivating. Your goal is to connect board pieces that feature the same number. By doing so, these pieces merge into the next number, creating a cascading effect that opens up opportunities for additional connections. This strategic element is the key to progressing in the game.

Score Boost through Connections: The more numbers you connect simultaneously, the higher your score becomes. Successful connections also earn you coins, which play a crucial role in enhancing your gameplay. This scoring mechanism adds depth to the game, encouraging players to aim for larger and more strategic number combinations.

Utilize Coins for Boosters: Accumulated coins can be spent on powerful boosters within the game. These boosters provide advantages such as increased scoring potential and improved results. Strategically using your coins on boosters becomes essential for achieving higher scores and progressing through the game efficiently.

Reach the Number 13: The ultimate goal in Merge Thirteen is to reach the number 13. As you strategically connect and merge numbers on the board, your objective is to work your way up to this challenging target. This goal adds a sense of achievement and accomplishment, keeping players engaged and motivated.


Super Fun and Addictive Gameplay: Merge Thirteen lives up to its promise of being a super fun and addictive game. The combination of straightforward rules, relaxing gameplay, and colorful graphics makes it an enjoyable choice for players seeking a casual yet engaging puzzle experience.

Relaxing Graphics: The game features visually appealing and relaxing graphics, creating a pleasant gaming atmosphere. The vibrant colors add a touch of visual excitement to the gameplay, contributing to an overall enjoyable experience.

Earning and Spending Coins: The inclusion of a coin system adds a strategic element to the game. Earning coins through successful connections and wisely spending them on boosters enhances the overall gameplay, allowing players to optimize their strategy and progress efficiently.

Free-to-Play on Little Games: Merge Thirteen is available for free play on Little Games, making it easily accessible to players looking for a game to enjoy without any cost. This accessibility ensures that players can dive into the world of Merge Thirteen and experience its engaging puzzle challenges without any financial commitment.

How to play Merge Thirteen

Using mouse

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