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Merge Master

Embark on a thrilling journey with Merge Master, a captivating real-time strategy game that welcomes players of all skill levels. In this adventure, your primary objective is to conquer your enemies through the ingenious merging of your warriors and dinosaurs. Be prepared to face formidable foes, including dragons, monsters, Trex, and other dinosaurs, making victory far from easy. To succeed, you must employ quick thinking, strategic planning, and nimble reactions as you navigate the battlefield, seize enemy territories, and ascend through the levels.


  • Real-Time Strategy: Merge Master brings the excitement of real-time strategy gaming to your fingertips. Engage in fast-paced battles that demand quick decision-making and a tactical approach.

  • Warriors and Dinosaurs: Combine your warriors and dinosaurs to create powerful and versatile units. Harness the strength of your merged forces to overcome formidable adversaries.

  • Varied Enemies: Prepare to face a diverse array of enemies, including dragons, monsters, Trex, and other dinosaurs. Each foe presents a unique challenge that will test your strategic prowess.

  • Territorial Conquest: In your quest for victory, seize control of enemy locations through well-thought-out attacks and cunning strategies.

  • Level-Based Progression: As you triumph over your adversaries, progress through a series of challenging levels, each more demanding than the last. Use your accumulated experience and tactics to triumph in battle.

Merge Master is not just a game; it's a test of your strategic abilities, quick thinking, and tactical skills. Can you merge your warriors and dinosaurs effectively to defeat the array of enemies that stand in your way? Will you conquer enemy territories and advance through the levels, proving yourself as the ultimate Merge Master? It's time to dive into this captivating real-time strategy game and discover if you have what it takes to emerge victorious on the battlefield.

How to play Merge Master

Using mouse

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