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Merge Animals 2

Embark on a merging adventure like no other with Merge Animals 2, an exciting online arcade game that challenges you to create bigger and wilder animals to achieve the highest score. This unique arcade experience is a delightful departure from the ordinary, offering a captivating gameplay style that revolves around merging similar animals to create larger and more remarkable creatures.


  • Animal Merging Challenge: In Merge Animals 2, you're presented with an array of different animals on the screen. Your task is to merge two identical animals to form a larger, more extraordinary creature. The more gigantic and similar animals you create, the higher your score will soar in the arcade game.

  • Race Against Time: To excel in the arcade game, you must race against the clock. As you merge similar animals, your goal is to clear the screen before time runs out. This adds an element of excitement and urgency to the gameplay.

  • Bomb Feature: Merge Animals 2 introduces a bomb feature to aid you when you encounter challenges in merging similar animals. If you find yourself unable to merge identical creatures, the bomb can come to your rescue. It allows you to clear the screen, making way for a new set of animals. This fresh start offers enhanced opportunities for merging similar animals and racking up points in the arcade game.

Merge Animals 2 is a game that combines the thrill of merging with a race against time. As you strive to create larger and more remarkable animals, you'll be met with both excitement and challenges. The bomb feature serves as your handy tool for overcoming merging obstacles, ensuring that your arcade gaming experience remains engaging and rewarding.

How to play Merge Animals 2

Using mouse

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