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Mahjongg game stands as a timeless classic in the realm of puzzle games, offering players a captivating and strategic experience. Embark on a journey of matching pairs, unraveling intricate patterns of tiles, and honing your observational skills in this iconic game that has withstood the test of time.


1. Classic Puzzle Challenge: Mahjongg delivers a classic puzzle challenge where the objective is to remove all tiles from the table by matching pairs of identical tiles. Engage in the enduring allure of this puzzle game that has been cherished by players for generations.

2. Variety of Symbols and Characters: Immerse yourself in the rich array of symbols and characters adorning each tile. With four tiles of each character, the game introduces a variety of symbols that demand careful observation and strategic pairing to clear the table.

3. Special Tiles - Flowers and Seasons: Mahjongg introduces special tiles in the form of flowers and seasons. While there is only one tile of each kind, these unique additions bring an extra layer of challenge and variety to the game. Match any flower with any flower and any season with any season to progress through the levels.

4. Multilayered Board Patterns: The game unfolds on a board with multiple layers of tiles arranged in different patterns. Navigate through the intricacies of these patterns, strategizing your moves to unveil and match pairs effectively.

How to play Mahjongg

Using mouse

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