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Mahjong Pyramids

Mahjong Pyramids - in this game to finish levels, match ancient pyramid mahjong tiles. Hurry before the timer expires! This game has incredibly easy-to-learn yet addictive action, a colorful pyramid-themed Egyptian theme, and matching Mahjong power-ups that reward players by giving them auto-solve bonuses.

You must match tiles in pairs as soon as you can in the mahjong puzzle game Mahjong Pyramids to pass each level. Find the two identical tiles, match them together, and take them out of the puzzle. Each tile has an image of an object engraved onto its face. You have finished the level when there are no more tiles available.

You will face a struggle as there are more than 12 entertaining levels to complete. Then, repeat the process with an even faster time to see if you can beat each one. Have fun!

How to play Mahjong Pyramids

Using Mouse

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