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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions game offers a captivating and free 3D Mahjong experience, combining classic tile-matching gameplay with a unique twist. Immerse yourself in the three-dimensional cube and challenge yourself to remove all tiles by making strategic matches. Discover the features and rules that make Mahjong Dark Dimensions an engaging and visually stunning addition to the world of Mahjong games.


1. Free 3D Mahjong Experience: Mahjong Dark Dimensions introduces players to a 3D Mahjong environment, elevating the traditional tile-matching game with immersive visuals and added depth.

2. Remove All Tiles: The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the three-dimensional cube. Click on two matching tiles to make them disappear, strategically navigating the cube to uncover pairs.

3. Time Challenge: Challenge yourself against the clock as you strive to complete as many levels as possible before running out of time. The time element adds an exciting and dynamic dimension to the gameplay.

4. Bonus Tiles for Score Boost: Boost your Mahjongg Dark Dimensions score by strategically utilizing bonus tiles. These tiles provide additional time and score multipliers, enhancing the challenge and rewarding strategic play.

5. Various Bonus Types:

  • x2 Speed Match Combo: Double your speed by matching tiles in quick succession.
  • x5 Multi-match: Achieve a five-times multiplier by making multiple matches in a row.
  • Time Bonus: Gain additional seconds to extend your gameplay and increase your scoring potential.

6. 3D Twist on Classic Puzzle: Enjoy the classic Mahjong puzzle with a 3D twist. The three-dimensional cube adds a new layer of complexity and visual appeal to the traditional Mahjong gameplay.

How to play Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Using mouse

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