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LEGO Fortnite

Embark on a thrilling survival crafting adventure in the iconic world of Fortnite, now reimagined in LEGO form! Welcome to LEGO Fortnite, where the landscape is familiar yet crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. Harvest LEGO resources, build your creations, and establish villages for you and your friends. Brace yourself for a courageous journey, facing enemies and the elements as you embark on a quest of construction. In this unique LEGO-infused Fortnite experience, food and swords become your trusty companions!


Building in LEGO Style: In LEGO Fortnite, the rules take on a blocky twist. Embrace the LEGO life by harvesting LEGO resources to create your own builds. Construct villages for you and your friends, bringing the iconic Fortnite world to life in LEGO form. Whether you're crafting shelter or towering structures, let your imagination run wild in this LEGO-infused adventure.

Survival Quest: The LEGO life demands courage as you face enemies and the elements in your quest for construction. Navigate the brick-filled landscape, gather essential resources, and build your way to survival. Food and swords become crucial tools in your LEGO toolkit, aiding you in overcoming challenges and thriving in this unique survival experience.


Play Across Platforms: LEGO Fortnite offers a seamless gaming experience across platforms. Regardless of your chosen platform, dive into Fortnite as usual, and in the main menu, discover LEGO Fortnite listed in the "By Epic" playlist. Select this option to enter the LEGO Fortnite world, where the familiar transforms into its LEGO-ified version. Enjoy the adventure on your preferred gaming device.

Transformative Skins: Experience a visual transformation as compatible skins take on their LEGO-ified versions in LEGO Fortnite. Immerse yourself in the blocky aesthetics as the Fortnite characters you know and love become LEGO renditions. Witness the unique blend of two iconic worlds as you explore the brick-built landscape.

World Creation Options: Before diving into the adventure, create your LEGO world with a simple press of a button in the usual place when entering a Fortnite match. Choose between survival or sandbox mode and customize your experience by toggling features such as hunger, hostile mobs, or death. Tailor the LEGO Fortnite world to your preferences.

Online Multiplayer: LEGO Fortnite brings players together in an online multiplayer experience. Queue briefly for matchmaking, as this mode requires online connectivity even for solo play. Collaborate with friends, explore the LEGO landscape, and conquer the challenges that the blocky world presents.

How to play LEGO Fortnite

Using mouse

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