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Kanye West Heardle

Kanye West Heardle plays a popular song clip every day. Identify a well-known Kanye West song in no more than six tries. If incorrect answers are provided, the song's title will finally be revealed once the allotted number of skips has been used. Popular Kanye West songs can be found on the Heardle app. Play Kanye West's Heardle and remember to return daily for more rap and hip-hop music.

How to play Kanye West Heardle

The game's principle is precisely the same as Heardle if you've played that game before.

After visiting the page, click the play button to hear the song's introduction for one second.

Your task is to attempt to determine the name of the Kanye song using only that brief excerpt.

However, if you run into trouble, you can use the skip button to hear more of the music.

The goal is to predict the melody using the fewest number of skips possible. You can skip up to six times, revealing more of the music each time.

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