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Hungry Number

Step into the world of Hungry Number, a relaxed and engaging game that invites players to navigate a blue ball with the number 4 through a dynamic and numerical landscape. In this game, the objective is simple yet strategic: move around the screen and consume only smaller numbers. However, beware, as larger numbers pose a threat and can devour you. Will you skillfully maneuver through the numerical space, eating smaller numbers while avoiding being consumed by larger ones?


Feeding on Smaller Numbers: Hungry Number introduces players to a relaxed gaming experience where the blue ball, representing the number 4, aims to consume only smaller numbers. Navigate the screen, identify numbers smaller than yours, and eat them to grow. The game encourages a strategic approach as players search for suitable targets.

Avoiding Larger Numbers: While feasting on smaller numbers is the path to growth, players must exercise caution to avoid larger numbers. Bigger numbers in the numerical landscape pose a threat, and if encountered, they can consume the player's blue ball. The game's rules emphasize the importance of evading larger numbers to survive and thrive.


Relaxed and Engaging Gameplay: Hungry Number offers a relaxed and engaging gameplay experience. Players can enjoy a stress-free environment as they guide the blue ball through the numerical landscape, making decisions on which numbers to consume and which to avoid. The game's casual approach makes it accessible to players of all ages.

Strategic Number Consumption: The game encourages strategic thinking as players decide which numbers to consume. Navigating the numerical space requires a balance between growth and risk management. Players must assess the size of other numbers and make thoughtful decisions to ensure their blue ball thrives in this dynamic environment.

Dynamic Numerical Landscape: Hungry Number unfolds in a dynamic numerical landscape where players encounter various numbers of different sizes. The ever-changing environment adds an element of unpredictability, requiring players to adapt their strategies based on the numbers present on the screen.

Skillful Maneuvering to Survive: Survival in Hungry Number hinges on skillful maneuvering. Players must navigate the blue ball effectively, seeking smaller numbers to consume while avoiding the threat of larger ones. The game's challenge lies in mastering the art of movement and decision-making to thrive in the numerical space.

Growth Mechanism with Number Consumption: As players successfully consume smaller numbers, the blue ball representing the number 4 grows in size. The growth mechanism adds a sense of accomplishment and progression to the game, motivating players to strategically engage with the numerical landscape.

How to play Hungry Number

Using mouse

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