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Home Design: Decorate House

Embark on a thrilling journey of home renovation and match-3 challenges with Home Design: Decorate House. This addictive game offers the perfect blend of creative design, classic match-3 gameplay, and the satisfaction of transforming clients' dreams into reality through zen home makeovers.


1. Renovation and Match-3 Fusion: Home Design: Decorate House seamlessly combines the excitement of renovating homes with the engaging mechanics of a classic match-3 game. Experience the thrill of creating beautiful spaces while conquering match-3 puzzles.

2. Time-Killing Fun: Whether you have a few minutes or an extended break, Home Design is the ideal time killer. Dive into the world of home decoration and match-3 challenges to unwind and unleash your creativity.

3. Client Collaboration: Help clients decide, master, design, and decorate their dream homes. Collaborate with virtual clients, understand their preferences, and turn their visions into stunning realities, showcasing your design prowess.

4. Zen Home Makeovers: Enjoy the calming and zen-like experience of transforming spaces. Home Design: Decorate House provides an immersive atmosphere for players to indulge in soothing home makeovers, combining relaxation with gaming.

5. Showcasing Design Skills: Unleash your design skills and creativity as you renovate and decorate various homes. Display your unique style, experiment with different themes, and create spaces that reflect your personal touch.


1. Renovate Old Houses: Begin your journey by renovating and decorating old houses. Transform outdated spaces into stylish and modern interiors, showcasing your flair for design.

2. Match-3 Challenges: Conquer classic match-3 challenges to earn rewards and progress in the game. The better you perform in the match-3 puzzles, the more resources you gain for your home renovation projects.

3. Create Your Style: Express yourself by creating your style in each home makeover. Experiment with different color schemes, furniture choices, and decorative elements to bring your design visions to life.

4. Client Satisfaction: Fulfill clients' wishes by incorporating their preferences into your designs. Achieve high levels of client satisfaction to unlock more opportunities and advance in the game.

5. Variety of Decorative Options: Access a wide range of decorative options, including furniture, accessories, and design elements. Mix and match these items to curate aesthetically pleasing spaces.

How to play Home Design: Decorate House

Using mouse

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