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Hidden Oxygen

Embark on a cerebral challenge with Hidden Oxygen, a logical grid-based puzzle game that draws inspiration from the classic Sudoku. In this intriguing game, your mission is to deduce the correct placements of oxygen atoms within the grid, engaging your logical prowess to navigate through challenging puzzles.


Strategic Atom Placement: In the Hidden Oxygen game, your primary objective is to strategically place oxygen atoms within the grid. However, there's a twist – oxygen atoms cannot be adjacent to each other, even diagonally. This rule adds a layer of complexity, requiring thoughtful planning to fulfill the puzzle's requirements.

Row and Column Clues: Navigate the logical challenges by paying attention to the numbers adjacent to rows and columns. These numerical hints provide crucial information, indicating the exact number of oxygen atoms that should be present in the respective rows and columns. Decipher these clues to unravel the puzzle and advance through the game.

Carbon Atom Requirements: Each carbon atom within the grid necessitates the presence of two adjacent oxygen atoms. As you strategize and place oxygen atoms, ensure that the carbon atoms meet their requirement for a stable configuration. Balancing the placement of oxygen atoms becomes a key aspect of mastering the Hidden Oxygen puzzles.


Logical Grid-Based Puzzles: Hidden Oxygen presents a series of logical grid-based puzzles that challenge your deductive reasoning skills. The puzzles range in complexity, offering a gradual progression of difficulty to keep players engaged and immersed in the strategic thinking required to solve each level.

Inspired by Sudoku: Drawing inspiration from the beloved Sudoku, Hidden Oxygen incorporates familiar grid-based puzzle mechanics. However, with its unique rules and atom-based challenges, the game introduces a fresh and captivating twist to the traditional puzzle-solving experience.

Challenging Gameplay Mechanics: The gameplay mechanics of Hidden Oxygen are designed to provide a satisfying challenge for puzzle enthusiasts. The rules governing the placement of oxygen atoms, coupled with row and column clues, create a dynamic and engaging puzzle-solving environment.

Educational and Stimulating: Hidden Oxygen is not just a game; it's an educational and stimulating experience. It enhances logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition skills. The game serves as a mental exercise that entertains and sharpens your cognitive abilities.

How to play Hidden Oxygen

  • To switch states, click once.
  • To mark multiple cells as empty, click and drag them.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in.
  • Using the right button, pan

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