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Growmi is a platformer puzzle game where the player takes control of a character called Growmi. In the game, Growmi enters a portal that strips away all of its powers, and the objective is to help Growmi regain those powers and grow stronger.

Here are some key features and controls of the Growmi game:

  1. Power Regain: The main goal of the game is to guide Growmi through various challenges and puzzles to regain its powers. As you progress through the game, Growmi will acquire new abilities and become stronger.

  2. Platformer Puzzle Gameplay: Growmi combines platforming elements with puzzle-solving mechanics. You'll need to navigate through different levels, overcoming obstacles, and solving puzzles to progress.

  3. Controls: The game can be played using either the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move Growmi around the levels.

  4. Shrink Ability: One of the powers that Growmi can unlock is the ability to shrink. By pressing the SPACE key, Growmi can activate this power, which likely enables it to access certain areas or solve specific puzzles.

  5. Restart and Undo: If you make a mistake or need to start a level over, you can press the R key to restart the level. Additionally, the U or Z key can be used to undo the previous move, allowing you to correct any missteps.

  6. Toggle Map: The game offers a map feature that can be accessed by pressing the M key. This can provide an overview of the level or assist with navigation and planning.

How to play Growmi

  • Move: WASD, ARROWS
  • Shrink: SPACE (Must unlock power)
  • Restart: R
  • Undo: U, Z
  • Toggle Map: M

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