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Fairy Puzzle

Fairy Puzzle is a simple but addictive puzzle game. The objective of the game is to rearrange the puzzle pieces so that they look like the screenshot above. It sounds easy, but as the difficulty increases, it will keep you on your toes. Each time a level is beaten, another one appears. You can also compete with friends and see who can finish the hardest levels first!

If you like fairy tales, puzzles, and challenges - this game is just for you! Test your skills and see if you can crack the code of the puzzle by finding all the hidden objects. Complete the jigsaw and reveal a magical world full of fairies, unicorns, gnomes, spirits, and more. The game is simple to start but gets challenging very fast.

You can choose one of two modes: time mode and Penguin mode. In the time mode, you have to solve a puzzle as fast as you can, while in the Penguin mode you need to collect different fragments of a picture and put them together. The game has a new challenge for you every day, so keep coming back for the game.

Ready to test your puzzle skills? This cute and spooky fairy-themed jigsaw will test how fast you can think and how good your memory is. Piece the puzzle together as fast as you can to beat the high score or challenge your friend. Let's go.

How to play Fairy Puzzle

Left-click and move the mouse to match the puzzles.

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