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Daily Dozen Trivia

The Daily Dozen Trivia Game is a captivating trivia experience brought to you by Barstool’s The Dozen: Trivia Competition. It offers nine new questions every day, providing an exciting challenge for trivia enthusiasts of all levels. Players simply tap a square to make a guess, repeating this process until they've completed all nine guesses. If they happen to miss a question, they're granted one "Double Dip" to rectify their mistake.


In the Daily Dozen Trivia Game, players are presented with a grid containing squares, each representing a question. Players select a square, make their guess, and proceed to the next one until they've attempted all nine questions. This format adds an element of strategy and anticipation as players strive to answer correctly within the given constraints.


The game's key features include:

  • Daily Challenges: With nine new questions every day, players can test their knowledge against a fresh set of trivia.
  • Double Dip: Players are granted one "Double Dip" to use on any incorrect guess, allowing them to reconsider and potentially correct their mistake.
  • Engaging Format: The game's interactive grid format keeps players engaged and entertained as they progress through each question.


The Daily Dozen Trivia Game offers a fun and engaging way for trivia enthusiasts to test their knowledge daily. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics and diverse range of questions, it provides an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. So, gather your wits and dive into the world of trivia with the Daily Dozen Trivia Game today!

How to play Daily Dozen Trivia

Using mouse

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