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Classic Solitaire Blue

Classic Solitaire Blue is a timeless card game presented in a stylish, modern environment. It responds to the players' requests that the "traditional" and the "contemporary" be married. It promises hours of brain-teaser fun with the familiar solitaire gameplay we all enjoy along with a soothing soundtrack. All fans of solitaire must play this, especially with the beautifully polished graphics that Softgames solitaire games are renowned for! Enjoy this beauty of a card game!

How to play Classic Solitaire Blue

All cards should be sorted into the four piles on the left. First, choose the number of cards you wish to draw; 1 is ideal for a novice, while 3 is more difficult. After determining a card's value by flipping it over, drag it onto any card with a different color and suit. The cards must be arranged according to rank. The base of each pile must be constructed from an ace to a king, starting with the ace. If a card's rank and color suit are appropriate, it can be moved to one of the seven columns.

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