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Clash of Warriors

Clash of Warriors is an exhilarating, action-packed card game that puts your strategic prowess and deck-building skills to the ultimate test. In this epic battle of wits, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a collection of 90 unique magic cards. Your mission: strategically deploy your cards to topple your foes and emerge victorious in epic battles. Are you ready to unlock all 10 Arenas and embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities, valuable rewards, and challenging levels? The question remains, do you have what it takes to ascend to the coveted title of ultimate victor?


  • Deck-Building Strategy: Clash of Warriors challenges you to not only wield the power of your cards but also to craft a formidable deck. Carefully select your magic cards, each with its own unique abilities, and build a deck that can outsmart your opponents.

  • Variety of Magic Cards: With a diverse collection of 90 magic cards at your disposal, you have the freedom to explore and experiment with various strategies. Create powerful combinations and adapt your deck to different challenges.

  • Strategic Card Placement: The key to success lies in your strategic card placement. Position your cards on the battlefield to exploit your enemy's weaknesses and protect your own strengths. Every move you make matters in this game of tactical mastery.

  • Unlock 10 Arenas: As you progress through Clash of Warriors, you'll unlock and conquer 10 distinct Arenas. Each Arena presents new challenges, rewards, and opportunities to showcase your strategic prowess. Can you rise through the ranks and conquer them all?

  • Endless Possibilities: The game offers a plethora of possibilities and combinations, ensuring that every battle feels unique. Experiment with different cards and strategies to discover your winning formula.

  • Rewarding Gameplay: Clash of Warriors is not just about the thrill of battle; it's also about reaping the rewards of your strategic triumphs. Collect valuable prizes and level up as you conquer your foes.

  • Challenging Levels: The game is designed to push your skills to the limit. With increasing difficulty and complexity, you'll be continually tested as you progress through the levels. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Ultimate Victor: The ultimate goal of Clash of Warriors is to ascend to the title of ultimate victor. Can you build the most formidable deck, outmaneuver your adversaries, and prove yourself as the supreme warrior in this card game of strategy and skill?

Clash of Warriors offers a thrilling card-battling experience, where your strategic choices and deck-building skills will determine your success on the battlefield. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey and prove your mettle as the ultimate victor?

How to play Clash of Warriors

Using mouse

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