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Chain Disk 2048

Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of Chain Disk 2048, a unique take on the classic 2048 game. Each disk within this innovative game is adorned with numbers, and your task is to skillfully control the disks, guiding those with the same number to collide and create new numbers. Brace yourself for an exciting challenge as you aim to blow up as many discs as possible and complete the targets set for every level. Embark on this disk-filled journey and put your strategic skills to the test!


Collide Disks with Matching Numbers: In Chain Disk 2048, the rules are simple yet engaging. Control the disks with matching numbers, directing them to collide with each other. When disks of the same number come together, they merge, creating new numbers and contributing to your progress in the game. Master the art of guiding the disks strategically to achieve the best results.

Complete Level Targets: Each level in Chain Disk 2048 comes with specific targets that you must complete to progress. Whether it's blowing up a set number of disks or reaching a particular numerical value, the game challenges you to meet these targets to advance to the next level. Keep a keen eye on the objectives and strategize your moves accordingly.


Refreshing Gameplay Twist: Chain Disk 2048 introduces a refreshing twist to the traditional 2048 game. The incorporation of disks and the unique mechanic of guiding them to collide and create new numbers adds an innovative element to the gameplay. Experience the thrill of a classic game with a fresh and exciting approach.

Strategic Disk Control: Success in Chain Disk 2048 requires strategic control of the disks. Plan your moves carefully, directing disks with matching numbers to collide and maximize your score. The game encourages players to think ahead, considering the potential outcomes of each move to achieve optimal results.

Level-Based Progression: Progress through a series of levels, each presenting new challenges and targets. Chain Disk 2048 features a level-based progression system that keeps the game dynamic and engaging. As you advance, the difficulty increases, offering a satisfying and evolving experience for players.

Targeted Challenges for Each Level: Each level in Chain Disk 2048 comes with specific challenges and targets. Whether you're aiming to blow up a certain number of disks or reach a particular numerical goal, the targeted challenges add variety to the gameplay. Conquer these challenges to unlock new levels and continue your disk-filled journey.

Addictive and Goal-Oriented Gameplay: Chain Disk 2048 boasts addictive and goal-oriented gameplay. The combination of strategic disk control and level-based progression keeps players immersed in the challenge. Set your sights on the targets, strategize your moves, and experience the satisfaction of completing each level.

How to play Chain Disk 2048

Using mouse

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