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Though it's likely that you've heard of Wordle, Quordle, and Heardle, have you ever heard of BTS Heardle? You probably have if you enjoy K-pop or are a part of the BTS Army.

Similar to Wordle, the once-daily linguistic game, BTS Heardle offers knowledgeable fans the chance to correctly identify a song by the South Korean septet seven times in a row.

The first guess includes lyrics in both English and Korean as a hint, while the remaining six guesses each have longer excerpts of the music. Similar to Wordle, the goal is to guess the answer as quickly as you can. Fans are then urged to post their results on social media.

A different song from the discography of BTS will be played every day. The lyrics, for instance, provide Tuesday's first hint "I abhor being rejected. I'm already starting to be too cool. Everybody imitates me ".

The game is already popular, and the hashtag #BTSHeardle is trending all over the world. It was made by fans who run the @BTSChartData Twitter account. Both computers and mobile devices can be used to play musical games.

Most fans who have tweeted their results have correctly identified the song in one or two tries. Correct guesses are denoted by the BTS-purple emoji, while incorrect guesses are displayed as a red square.

How to play BTS Heardle

You need the patience to listen to music and recognize it. It's significant to notice that additional music snippets will play if you skip. When you're prepared, enter a name in the text field, pick music, and click the Submit button. Through the website, results can also be posted on Twitter.

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