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Blocks Fill Tangram

Blocks Fill Tangram is a fun puzzle game that combines the elements of Tangram and the playstyle of 10x10. The game challenges players to fit colorful blocks into designated spaces to solve each puzzle.

Here's more information about Blocks Fill Tangram:

Objective and Gameplay:

The objective of Blocks Fill Tangram is to fit the provided colorful blocks into the designated spaces on the puzzle board. Each puzzle presents a unique shape or outline that needs to be filled with the blocks. Your task is to use your spatial reasoning and puzzle-solving skills to arrange the blocks in a way that completely fills the given shape without any overlaps.

Journeys and Levels:

The game is structured into 12 different journeys, with each journey containing 80 levels. This provides a total of 960 levels for players to enjoy and challenge themselves with. As you progress through the journeys, the puzzles become more complex and require greater strategic thinking and precision to solve.

Tangram-Inspired Gameplay:

The gameplay in Blocks Fill Tangram is inspired by the traditional Tangram puzzle, which originated in ancient China. Tangram puzzles involve arranging geometric shapes to form specific figures or patterns. In Blocks Fill Tangram, you use colorful blocks instead of traditional Tangram pieces to fill the given shapes on the puzzle board.

Playstyle Similar to 10x10:

The game incorporates a playstyle similar to 10x10, a popular puzzle game where players arrange blocks on a 10x10 grid. In Blocks Fill Tangram, you manipulate and position blocks on the puzzle board to fit the designated spaces, similar to the mechanics of 10x10. This adds an additional layer of familiarity and strategy for players who enjoy 10x10-style games.

Challenging and Engaging:

Blocks Fill Tangram offers a progressively challenging gameplay experience. As you advance through the journeys and levels, the puzzles become more intricate and require careful planning and strategic thinking. The game aims to engage players with its variety of puzzles and provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you successfully complete each level.

Blocks Fill Tangram provides a colorful and immersive puzzle-solving experience, combining the concepts of Tangram and 10x10-style gameplay. Whether you enjoy spatial puzzles, strategic thinking, or simply want a fun and challenging game to pass the time, Blocks Fill Tangram offers an enjoyable and rewarding puzzle-solving adventure.

How to play Blocks Fill Tangram

Drag and drop elements using a mouse or finger.

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