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Big Tall Small

Big Tall Small is a game that challenges your problem-solving skills as you control three characters of different sizes. Maneuver through various levels, switch between characters, and strategize to guide them all successfully to the exit.


1. Puzzle-Platformer Challenge: Big Tall Small offers a unique puzzle-platformer challenge where you navigate through levels by controlling characters of varying sizes. Each character contributes distinct traits essential for overcoming obstacles.

2. Three Characters, Three Sizes: Switch seamlessly between the three characters, each with its size and traits. Use the differences in size to your advantage, solving puzzles and overcoming hurdles strategically.

3. Diverse Level Design: Immerse yourself in a world of diverse level designs, each presenting new challenges and puzzles to solve. From simple obstacles to intricate brain teasers, Big Tall Small keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

4. Mind-Bending Puzzles: Exercise your cognitive abilities with mind-bending puzzles that require you to think critically and strategically. The synergy between the characters of different sizes adds an extra layer of complexity to the challenges.

5. Success Through Cooperation: Successfully guide all three characters to the exit by utilizing their unique sizes and traits cooperatively. Teamwork and coordination are the keys to conquering each level.


1. Character Control: Take control of the three characters, each with a distinct size—Big, Tall, and Small. Switch between them to tackle different parts of the puzzles.

2. Size Advantage: Leverage the differences in size to your advantage. The Big character may be strong but less nimble, while the Small character might fit into tight spaces. Strategically choose the right character for each situation.

3. Puzzle Solving: Navigate through diverse levels filled with obstacles and challenges. Use your puzzle-solving skills to determine the optimal sequence of character switches and movements.

4. Coordination is Key: Coordinate the movements of Big, Tall, and Small to ensure they work together seamlessly. Overcome hurdles and reach the exit by utilizing each character's unique abilities.

5. Gradually Increasing Difficulty: Big Tall Small features progressively challenging levels, allowing players to hone their skills and adapt to the increasing complexity of puzzles.

How to play Big Tall Small

  • Move: WAD or arrow keys
  • Switch: down arrow key/space bar/enter
  • Reset: R
  • Back: Esc or B

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