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Auto Diggers

Unearth the Excitement of Underground Adventures

Embark on an addictive arcade adventure with Auto Diggers, a game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD. Prepare for an underground journey where collecting spiky diggers, multiplying your army, and facing bosses at every level are key components of the pixelated world you'll explore. Uncover hidden treasures, deal more damage with an increasing army, and strive to become the ultimate digger master in this game filled with endless fun and challenges.


Highlights of Auto Diggers Game: Elevating the Gaming Experience

  1. Pixelated Adventure: Immerse yourself in a pixelated world filled with surprises and hidden treasures. Auto Diggers creates a visually engaging environment that adds a unique charm to the gaming experience.

  2. Boss Battles: Confront bosses at every level, adding an exciting element to the game. Test your skills and strategic prowess as you dig your way through challenges, with each boss encounter providing a thrilling experience.

  3. Endless Fun and Challenges: Auto Diggers promises endless fun and challenges for players. With a dynamic gameplay loop that involves collecting, multiplying, and strategizing, the game offers a captivating experience that keeps you engaged.

  4. Online Browser Play: Thanks to, you can enjoy playing Auto Diggers directly in your browser. This accessibility adds convenience, allowing you to dive into the underground adventure without the need for additional downloads.

How to play Auto Diggers

Navigating the Underground Challenges: Unraveling Auto Diggers Game Rules

  1. Collect Spiky Diggers: The core mechanic involves collecting spiky diggers, each contributing to your ever-growing army. Strategically gather these diggers to enhance your capabilities and progress through the game.

  2. Multiply Your Army: As you delve deeper into the underground world, multiply your army to face increasing challenges. The more diggers you have, the greater the damage you deal, providing a strategic advantage in overcoming obstacles and bosses.

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