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If you're a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, then you'll love hearing their well-known songs played live. In 5sos Heardle musical game, you'll hear 5SOS songs and attempt to identify their titles. The songs will be played in order, and you'll need to identify the title of each one. The first song will be "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," the second song will be "Walking on Sunshine," the third song will be "Teddy Bears," the fourth song will be "I'm Not a Boy," the fifth song will be "I'm a Girl," and the sixth song will be "Silly Love Songs."

Heardle from 5 Seconds of Summer plays a brief segment of a well-known song every day. Find a well-known song in no more than six tries. Once the specified number of skips has been spent, the title of the song will ultimately be disclosed if wrong answers are given. Play 5SOS Heardle and keep coming back every day for fresh music.

How to play 5sos Heardle

Using mouse

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