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11x11 Bloxx

11x11 Bloxx is a captivating block puzzle that deviates from the traditional 10 by 10 grid, introducing an 11 by 11 grid for an extra layer of challenge and strategy. This brain teaser invites players to fill up the columns and rows strategically to stack up points and master the art of block placement.


Strategic Block Placement: In 11x11 Bloxx, players aim to earn points by strategically placing colorful blocks on the 11 by 11 grid. The objective is to fill up both rows and columns, creating opportunities for points to accumulate. Each filled row or column results in the removal of blocks and an increase in the player's score.

Limited Space Challenge: While the grid offers an infinite number of colorful blocks, players must navigate the challenge of limited space. It's crucial to plan each move carefully to maximize points without completely filling the board. Filling the board to the point of having no space left for additional blocks results in the loss of the game.

Level Progression and Unlocking: 11x11 Bloxx features multiple levels, each with a score requirement for unlocking the next. Players must reach a specific score on the previous level to progress, adding a layer of progression and difficulty as they advance through the game.


Interactive Block Placement: The game provides an interactive experience for players to place blocks on the board. Click, drag, and release blocks from the available options at the bottom to strategically fill the 11 by 11 grid. The dynamic block placement adds an engaging element to the gameplay.

Score-Based Level Unlocking: To advance through the levels, players must achieve a set score on the previous level. This score-based unlocking system adds a sense of accomplishment and encourages players to refine their skills for more challenging stages.

Variety of Levels: 11x11 Bloxx offers a diverse range of levels, each presenting its own unique challenges. As players progress, they encounter new obstacles and opportunities, ensuring that the gameplay remains fresh and stimulating.

Block Skins in the Game Shop: For added customization and visual appeal, players can explore different block skins available in the game shop. This feature allows players to personalize their gaming experience and adds an extra layer of aesthetic enjoyment.

How to play 11x11 Bloxx

Using mouse

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