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Undertale Yellow

Step into the world of Undertale Yellow, a fan-made prequel to the critically acclaimed RPG "UNDERTALE." Crafted with passion and creativity, this full-length follow-up to the friendly RPG brings players on a journey filled with intrigue, choices, and unexpected twists.

Clover's Mission in the Underground:

As the protagonist, a child named Clover embarks on a mission, they find themselves venturing deep into the mysterious Underground. In this unfamiliar realm, every corner harbors lurking monsters, but the real question remains – are these creatures friend or foe? Undertale Yellow unfolds a narrative where every encounter is pivotal, and players decide the outcome, leading to branching paths and unforeseen consequences.

Choose Your Destiny:

Much like its predecessor, Undertale Yellow places the power of decision in the hands of the player. Every choice you make shapes the unfolding story, determining the relationships with unlikely allies and uncovering unexpected adversaries. With twists and turns at every corner, Clover's journey is a tapestry of decisions leading to an ultimate fate.

Development and Notable Features:

Undertale Yellow, stylized as UNDERTALE YELLOW, is a turn-based role-playing game based on Toby Fox's Undertale. Led by Master Sword and developed on GameMaker: Studio, the project gained Toby Fox's approval, adding to its authenticity. The game boasts a stellar soundtrack featuring renowned artists like NoteBlock, MyNewSoundtrack, and Master Sword, contributing to its immersive and captivating atmosphere.

How to play Undertale Yellow

Using mouse

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