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Tube Clicker

About Tube Clicker Game

Tube Clicker is an exciting and addictive incremental clicker game that launches you on a thrilling journey to stardom in the world of YouTube. As a budding YouTuber, your quest for fame begins with a single click on your video player, generating views and revenue. The goal is clear: become a YouTube sensation and reach the zenith of online stardom.


Game Rules

In Tube Clicker, the rules are simple, yet the journey is packed with challenges and excitement:

  1. Click to Generate Views: The game kicks off as you click your video player to create views and income. The more views you gather, the more money you earn, allowing you to progress in your YouTube career.

  2. Acquire Tools and Upgrades: With the earnings from your videos, you can invest in advertising to boost your views per second. As you earn more, you can purchase improved versions of the same tools, allowing you to accumulate views even faster.

  3. Subscriber Milestones: Every 500 views you accumulate in the game earns you a new subscriber. Subscribers are pivotal to your YouTube journey as they unlock access to new tools and features that help you climb the ladder of YouTube fame.

  4. Upload New Videos: Periodically, you have the opportunity to upload a new video. This special event results in a surge of viewers and immediate income. Timing your uploads strategically is a key element in achieving success in Tube Clicker.

  5. Upgrade Tools: As you progress through the game, you reach specific levels that enable you to upgrade your tools. These upgrades substantially multiply the views per second, boosting your income and subscriber count.


Tube Clicker offers a range of engaging features:

  • Addictive Incremental Gameplay: The game's incremental mechanics make it extremely addictive. The challenge of constantly clicking to gain views and subscribers keeps players engaged.

  • Strategic Upgrades: The ability to invest in advertising and acquire upgraded tools adds a strategic element to the game. Making wise decisions regarding upgrades and timing is crucial for success.

  • Unlockable Content: The milestone-based subscriber system adds an element of progression and achievement to the game. Unlocking new tools and features keeps the gameplay fresh.

  • YouTube Simulation: Tube Clicker emulates the real YouTube world, from generating views and subscribers to optimizing advertising, providing players with a taste of the YouTube star experience.

  • Endless Fame Pursuit: The pursuit of YouTube stardom in Tube Clicker is endless, ensuring hours of entertainment as you chase the dream of becoming a digital celebrity.

Tube Clicker invites you to step into the shoes of a YouTuber and embark on an exhilarating journey from humble beginnings to YouTube stardom. Can you generate enough views, attract subscribers, and create viral content to become a YouTube sensation? It's time to find out in Tube Clicker!

So, are you ready to click your way to online fame and fortune? Start your journey to YouTube stardom now with Tube Clicker!

How to play Tube Clicker

Using Mouse

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