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Idle Monkeylogy

Idle Monkeylogy is a game about idle simulation, incremental upgrades, and clicking. It's a word-based clicker inspired by Cookie Clicker. You are in charge of an idle monkey who needs your help to upgrade his home and click on some stuff. With each upgrade you do, the idle monkey will produce more money for you to spend on adding new upgrades or building new buildings. Use the money to make your monkeys richer.

This amazing game is a game of a rather unusual kind. The gameplay is quite simple and anyone can understand it quickly. Your task will be to upgrade your mouse, which has grown tired of doing nothing and decides to start gathering fruit. In this game, you will have to click on your mouse to make it work and collect fruit, while continually spending your earnings on upgrading the appearance of your mouse, its speed, or its strength. Unlock new upgrades, bonuses, and upgrades as you progress through the game. This game is a fun game that is easy to play but hard to own.

This one is the internet’s best idle game, and it happens to be free! You can play it on any device with an internet connection as well as offline. This means that you can play your favorite game anywhere and anytime. How does Idle Monkeylogy work? The game is simple, all you have to do is click. Clicking will give you points. Every time you upgrade your mouse in the game, your clicking power goes up. What are those other things in the store? They’re words! You can buy them and use them to level up your word bank. Your word bank has a max level of 10,000 words. Boosting this will allow you to get upgrades quicker than if you were just using your mouse clicks alone! So what are you waiting for? Play Idle Monkeylogy now.

How to play Idle Monkeylogy

Mouse only. Type the button, complete words, collect money, and hire more monkeys to get words more efficiently!

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