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That’s Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is a unique 2D job simulator and horror game developed by Nacho Sama. Released on February 24th, 2024, this game offers an exclusive gaming experience for players on the Microsoft Windows platform. Available for purchase at a nominal price on its page, That's Not My Neighbor is an ongoing project, with continuous updates and improvements in development.

In the year 1955, the world is plagued by monsters known as doppelgangers, capable of mimicking human appearances. As the newly appointed doorman of your apartment building, it's your responsibility to distinguish between sneaky doppelgangers attempting to infiltrate and genuine tenants simply looking to return home. However, be cautious! Failing in your task could lead to dire consequences, with both you and the tenants becoming potential prey for these menacing creatures.


  • Unique Concept: That's Not My Neighbor combines elements of job simulation with horror, offering players a distinctive gaming experience that challenges their observation and decision-making skills.

  • Engaging Gameplay: Players take on the role of a doorman tasked with identifying doppelgangers among regular tenants. The suspenseful atmosphere and immersive storyline keep players engaged as they navigate through the game's challenges.

  • Immersive Horror Experience: With its eerie setting and suspenseful gameplay, That's Not My Neighbor delivers an immersive horror experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

  • Ongoing Development: As an incomplete project, That's Not My Neighbor is continuously being worked on, with developers adding new content, features, and improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience.

How to play That’s Not My Neighbor

  • Identify Doppelgangers: Players must distinguish between doppelgangers and genuine tenants by observing their behavior and appearance.

  • Avoid Failure: Failing to identify doppelgangers can have severe consequences, putting both the player and the tenants at risk of harm.

  • Navigate Challenges: As the doorman, players must navigate through various challenges and obstacles to successfully fulfill their role and protect the apartment building from the threat of doppelgangers.

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