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Super Number Defense

Welcome to Super Number Defense, where tower defense meets the power of math! This innovative game challenges players to strategically defeat waves of enemies by utilizing their calculation skills. As the commander of a base, your success hinges on your ability to solve simple math problems to empower your turrets. Make strategic choices, allocate resources wisely, and let the power of numbers defend your base in this thrilling and educational gaming experience.


  1. Math-Powered Tower Defense:

    • Super Number Defense introduces a unique blend of tower defense and math gameplay. Your turrets' strength and effectiveness are directly tied to your proficiency in solving simple math problems. This innovative feature adds an educational element to the traditional tower defense genre.
  2. Strategic Gameplay:

    • Engage in strategic decision-making as you choose and place your turrets to effectively counter waves of enemies. The success of your defense relies on your ability to allocate resources wisely and strategically position your math-powered turrets.
  3. Educational and Thrilling:

    • Super Number Defense combines education with excitement. Sharpen your calculation skills while defending your base against challenging waves of enemies. The game offers an enriching experience for players of all ages.
  4. Varied Turret Options:

    • Explore a variety of turret options, each with its mathematical challenges. Choose turrets strategically to create a diverse and powerful defense against the incoming waves. Adapt to different scenarios and enemies to maximize your chances of success.

How to play Super Number Defense

Using mouse

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