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Merge Canon Chicken Defense

Prepare for an egg-citing gaming experience with Merge Canon Chicken Defense, a thrilling blend of defense and merging genres that challenges you to safeguard your castle against a relentless army of chickens. Are you up to the task of holding back continuous waves of clucking invaders while strategically managing your defenses?


  • Clucking Chaos: Merge Canon Chicken Defense is a whirlwind of chaos in the realm of defense and merging games. Your mission is to defend the wall and continuously enhance your firepower by merging cannons. However, the unending waves of chickens in their relentless assault keep you on your toes. To survive, your weaponry must be consistently upgraded, a challenge that deepens with each merge level.

  • Firepower Shopping Spree: Head to the in-game shop to purchase weapons individually. As you level up, more cannon options become available, expanding your arsenal. When the chicken onslaught becomes overwhelming, you can take the frantic approach of mashing the cannon button to create more of any type and hope for the best. Strengthening your castle wall and upgrading defenses in the shop is crucial for holding the line against the feathered onslaught.

Merge Canon Chicken Defense is a fast-paced, strategic, and downright clucky experience that pushes your defense and merging skills to the limit. Can you emerge victorious against the poultry menace and protect your castle from the unyielding waves of chickens? Sharpen your wits, fortify your defenses, and prepare for a feather-flying showdown!

How to play Merge Canon Chicken Defense

Using mouse

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