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Shapez is a captivating game that immerses players in the world of factory building, automation, and the intricate process of creating and processing shapes. Set on an infinitely expanding map, the game challenges players to build increasingly complex factories to automate shape production. Dive into the world of Shapez and discover the joy of turning your creativity into efficient automated systems.

Features of Shapez

1. Factory Building and Automation

Shapez revolves around the concept of building factories to automate the creation and processing of shapes. Design and optimize your factories to efficiently produce complex shapes, incorporating automation to streamline the production process. Experiment with layouts and configurations to achieve maximum efficiency.

2. Infinitely Expanding Map

Explore an infinitely expanding map as you expand your factories and unlock new challenges. The game's expansive environment provides endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. Each corner of the map holds new possibilities, encouraging players to continuously evolve their factories.

3. Increasingly Complex Shapes

As you progress in Shapez, face the challenge of creating increasingly complex shapes. Adapt your factories to handle the growing complexity, introducing new production lines and automation techniques to keep up with the demands of intricate shape processing.

4. Resource Management

Effectively manage resources to sustain and expand your factories. Balance the input and output of materials, optimize production chains, and ensure a steady supply of resources to keep your factories running smoothly. Resource management adds a strategic element to the gameplay, requiring players to make informed decisions.

5. Creative Design Opportunities

Shapez offers creative design opportunities for players to express their ingenuity. Experiment with different factory layouts, assembly lines, and processing units to discover the most efficient and visually appealing configurations. The game encourages players to find their unique approach to automation and shape creation.

How to play Shapez

Using mouse

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