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Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors game with nicorocks5555's Rooms and Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion both served as inspiration for the multiplayer horror this game, which is available for free right now. This terrifying show will take you on a spooky and intriguing survival quest. You will be imprisoned inside a hotel that is full of monsters and hasn't been explored; your only option is to look for a way out. You can proceed if you pick the proper door. What if you go through the wrong door, though? Be prepared to experience many thrills and spooky beings! To locate important things and stay safe from enemies hidden in various parts of the building, you must search the rooms.

The creators of Roblox Doors are SPLASH and RediblesQW. The hallmark of the Roblox gaming platform, cubes, are used throughout this horror game as they are in others. You can stroll by yourself or with other players. Simply add your friends to the server if you wish to play with them, and once everyone has logged in to the lobby, the game may start. So how can you survive in a world filled with countless deadly monsters that could murder you at any moment? Make every effort to live as long as you can!


  • Games with terrifying horror experiences in the Roblox style.
  • There are many terrifying monsters that are not for the weak-hearted.
  • Select between multiplayer and single-player options.
  • Enjoy the eerie sound effects and fantastical images.
  • Get ready for plenty of jump scares.
  • There are several game milestones to earn.

How to play Roblox Doors

  • WASD/Up, Left, Right, and Down to walk Arrows
  • Move: Space
  • Accessibility: E/Mouse
  • C/Left Ctrl/Left Shift to crouch
  • Left mouse click to accept and confirm.
  • Item to Use: Left Mouse Click
  • Item to Drop: Backspace
  • Unlock Door: Press E
  • Items to Switch: 1 to 5 Heartbeat Q&E/Mouse minigame

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