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Rinse And Repeat

Rinse And Repeat offers a unique and spine-chilling experience as a short retro-inspired first-person horror game, designed with aesthetics reminiscent of PS1 and VHS visuals. With a focus on childhood fears associated with showering, the game introduces players to an atmospheric horror encounter with multiple endings, each dependent on the player's choices.

Unveiling Childhood Fears

Inspired by the childhood apprehensions of closing one's eyes in the shower and the lingering fear that something sinister might be lurking, Rinse And Repeat delves into the psychological realm of horror. The game's narrative unfolds after a long day, as players decide to take a seemingly routine shower. However, as they proceed, a series of unsettling events transpire, questioning the thin line between reality and imagination.

Key Features

  1. Retro Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic visuals reminiscent of PS1 and VHS, creating an authentic retro gaming experience.

  2. Short Gameplay: With a runtime of 5 to 10 minutes, the game offers a concise yet intense horror encounter, perfect for those seeking a quick thrill.

  3. Multiple Endings: The player's actions throughout the game influence the outcome, resulting in five different endings. Choices matter, and every decision shapes the narrative trajectory.

  4. Subtitled Interactions: Enhance the immersive experience with subtitles for in-game interactions, allowing players to engage more deeply with the narrative.

  5. Time-Dependent Events: Experience special in-game events triggered by playing at specific times of the day, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.

A Showering Nightmare

As the player progresses through the routine shower, the tension builds with each passing moment. The fear of closing one's eyes becomes palpable, and the player must grapple with the uncertainty of what might happen next. With a haunting atmosphere and unexpected twists, Rinse And Repeat transforms a mundane activity into a nightmare-inducing adventure.

How to play Rinse And Repeat

Using mouse

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