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My Eyes Deceive

In the realm of immersive gaming experiences, My Eyes Deceive stands as a spine-chilling venture into the depths of psychological horror. Set within the confines of a basement, or rather, a shelter, this game unfolds over the course of a week, casting players into the unsettling role of a girl who has spent her entire life in seclusion.

My Eyes Deceive Game

Embark on a psychological journey like no other as you navigate the eerie confines of your shelter in My Eyes Deceive. In a world ravaged by a deadly disease and societal chaos, you are tasked with surviving the harrowing reality of your existence. As the protagonist, your father referred to affectionately as "papa," shields you from the outside horrors, but questions linger. Why do the supposedly preventive pills induce fatigue? When will the shelter's doors open, allowing you to step into the unknown? Can your own perception betray you, and is there room for self-reflection amidst the chaos?


Unraveling the mysteries of My Eyes Deceive involves navigating a set of rules that add layers of complexity to the immersive gameplay:

  1. Survive the Week: Your objective is to endure the psychological challenges presented over the course of a week within the shelter. Each passing day brings new revelations and horrors that demand strategic thinking and resilience.

  2. Take Your Pills: Papa insists on a daily routine of taking disease-preventive pills. However, players must grapple with the unsettling side effects of these pills, as they induce a peculiar sense of tiredness. Managing this fatigue becomes crucial to your survival.

  3. Question Everything: In the shelter's confined space, every detail matters. Question the motives behind Papa's actions, the reality of the disease, and the very pills meant to protect you. Trusting your instincts and examining your surroundings will be pivotal in uncovering the truth.

  4. Escape the Shelter: The ultimate goal is to break free from the confines of the shelter. As the protagonist, you must navigate a web of uncertainty, deception, and fear to unlock the secrets that bind you to this enigmatic space.

How to play My Eyes Deceive

  • WASD (Ingame): Move
  • Mouse: Look
  • E: Interact
  • WASD (In menu): Select
  • Return / Enter: Confirm Selection
  • Escape: Exit

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