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Raccoon Retail

Welcome to Raccoon Retail, where you step into the shoes of a diligent worker tasked with keeping the supermarket clean amidst the chaos caused by clumsy customers. In this fast-paced game, you'll navigate through the aisles, collect trash, and ensure the cleanliness of the store to earn money and upgrade your retail empire.


Challenging Gameplay

Raccoon Retail offers challenging gameplay as you race against the clock to tidy up the supermarket. With clumsy customers creating messes everywhere, you'll need quick reflexes and efficient cleaning strategies to keep up.

Dynamic Environment

Experience a dynamic supermarket environment filled with bustling activity and cluttered aisles. Navigate through the chaos, collect trash, and empty it in the dumpster while dodging obstacles and avoiding collisions with customers.

Upgrade Options

As you progress through the game, earn money by cleaning efficiently and use it to upgrade your retail store. Invest in new equipment, improve cleaning efficiency, and expand your business to increase revenue and reach new heights of success.

Engaging Progression

Advance through increasingly challenging levels as you hone your cleaning skills and adapt to new obstacles and scenarios. With each level, the difficulty increases, offering a rewarding progression experience for players.

How to play Raccoon Retail

Using mouse

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