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About PlateUp! Game

PlateUp! - Where Chaos Meets Culinary Excellence

Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other with PlateUp!, a thrilling game that combines the chaos of a bustling kitchen with the strategic challenges of restaurant management. In this unique roguelite dish, up to four players come together to build and run a restaurant from the ground up. From choosing delectable dishes to buying and strategically placing appliances, you'll navigate the complexities of cooking food and serving customers with flair. With the freedom to design your dream restaurant, watch it expand and evolve between shifts, unlocking additional content and challenges as you progress. Can you cook, serve, and manage your way through 15 hectic days in your restaurant and unlock a brand-new franchise? Dive into the culinary mayhem and find out!


How to play PlateUp!

Playing PlateUp! is a thrilling experience that blends chaos with strategy:

  1. Restaurant Building: Start from scratch by selecting your dishes, purchasing essential appliances, and arranging your restaurant layout. Some appliances can be daisy-chained to create ambitious automatic kitchens for maximum efficiency.

  2. Cooking and Serving: Take charge of the cooking process and serve your customers with speed and precision. Keep their orders flowing and their taste buds satisfied.

Game Rules

While PlateUp! offers creative freedom and strategic depth, there are a few fundamental rules to keep in mind:

  1. Restaurant Management: Successfully run your restaurant for 15 hectic days, juggling customer orders, cooking, and serving to ensure a smooth dining experience.

  2. Progression: Unlock additional content and challenges as you progress, with the ultimate goal of unlocking a brand-new franchise.


PlateUp! serves up a delectable menu of features:

  • Multiplayer Madness: Collaborate with up to three friends to build and manage your restaurant, creating a chaotic yet delightful multiplayer experience.

  • Restaurant Design: Craft the restaurant of your dreams with the freedom to choose your dishes and design your layout, all while maximizing efficiency.

  • Strategic Planning: Strategically place appliances and create automatic kitchens to optimize your restaurant's workflow.

  • Unlockable Content: Progress through the game to unlock additional content and face new challenges that keep the experience fresh.

  • Collector's Edition: For the ultimate fan experience, the Collector's Edition includes four exclusive Mini-Figurines inspired by the iconic playable characters of PlateUp!.


PlateUp! offers an exhilarating blend of chaos, culinary excellence, and strategic planning that's perfect for gamers seeking a unique restaurant management experience. Whether you're cooking up a storm solo or collaborating with friends, the game's multiplayer madness ensures that no two shifts are the same. Build and manage your restaurant, design your culinary masterpiece, and strive to unlock a brand-new franchise as you progress. With additional content and challenges to discover, PlateUp! is a roguelite dish that will keep you coming back for more. So, don your chef's hat, prepare for culinary chaos, and embark on a thrilling culinary adventure with PlateUp! today!

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