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Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shooter, is a frantic two-player game. In this game, you must race three other players to the extraction site. The only way to move is by hopping left or right, which makes the race somewhat challenging! Along the way, gather guns and other weapons to use against the others!


  • Ridiculous "jump to move" mechanisms
  • Power-ups and weapons
  • Numerous race venues
  • Characters you can unlock

How to play Getaway Shootout

  • Play by yourself or with a pal.

Play one-player mode or team up with a friend using the same keyboard. Jump into the game by selecting a character!

Jump to move

Once a race has begun, you may discover that the only way to move is by hopping left or right, which makes for a very chaotic scene! Depending on how long you hold in either direction, you advance to what degree.

Anything goes

The event consists of several rounds, each of which is held in a different venue. Pick up upgrades and weaponry as you come across them as you race to the finish line. On your journey to the finish line, use your weapons to assault the other racers!

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