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Pesticide Not Required

Pesticide Not Required is a game that combines the intensity of bullet hell with the strategic elements of a horde survival roguelike, all while infusing farming elements into the mix. This unique gaming experience offers players the opportunity to mow down countless crops and corrupt critters while crafting game-breaking builds, creating wildly diverse run possibilities that keep the excitement alive.

Unleash Chaos in Pesticide Not Required

In Pesticide Not Required, chaos reigns as players find themselves in a bullet heaven, taking on hordes of relentless enemies and corrupt critters. The game provides a thrilling and fast-paced experience where your skills are put to the test in surviving relentless waves of adversaries. As you navigate through the gameplay, you'll encounter a myriad of stats and special character traits, adding depth and diversity to each run.

Crafting Game-Breaking Builds

One of the highlights of Pesticide Not Required is the ability to craft game-breaking builds. Players can experiment with various combinations of stats and character traits, creating unique and powerful setups that can turn the tide in their favor. The game's emphasis on creativity and experimentation ensures that each playthrough is a fresh and exciting experience, keeping players engaged and eager to discover new, potent combinations.

Horde Survival Roguelite with Farming Elements

Pesticide Not Required stands out as a horde survival roguelite with a distinctive twist – farming elements. The game seamlessly blends action-packed combat with farming mechanics, offering a dynamic and unconventional gaming experience. As you battle through waves of enemies, the farming aspect adds an extra layer of strategy, creating a game that caters to both fans of intense combat and those who enjoy the nuances of agricultural gameplay.

Diverse Run Possibilities

With a myriad of stats and special character traits at your disposal, Pesticide Not Required ensures that each run is a unique adventure. The game's commitment to diversity allows players to experiment with different playstyles and discover unexpected synergies. This unpredictability contributes to the game's replayability, keeping players engaged as they explore the vast possibilities within the world of Pesticide Not Required.

How to play Pesticide Not Required

  • WASD = move
  • Move mouse = aim

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