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Palworld Map game takes your adventures on the Palpagos Islands to the next level with its newly introduced interactive map. Uncover every collectible, spawn location, and fast-travel point as you traverse the captivating landscapes. This feature-rich map, brought to you by IGN, provides an in-depth guide to enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to explore dungeons, discover egg spawns, and uncover hidden treasures.

Palworld Interactive Map: A Comprehensive Guide

The Palworld Interactive Map serves as a comprehensive guide for players seeking a detailed layout of the Palpagos Islands. As you embark on your journey, the in-game map gradually unveils itself, revealing only fast-travel waypoints and Alpha Pal spawn locations. However, IGN's Palworld Interactive Map goes beyond, offering a user-friendly interface with marked locations for collectibles, NPCs, item spawns, and more.

Explore Every Corner: Categories for Easy Navigation


  • Locate Memo pages and Lifmunk Effigies effortlessly with the Collectibles category. The map becomes your ultimate tool for tracking these essential items that enhance your Palworld experience.


  • Find Merchants, Black Market Dealers, and other crucial NPCs using the designated category. This feature ensures you never miss out on important interactions and trade opportunities within the game.

Item Spawns

  • Delve into the world of Palworld's flora and fauna by identifying Egg spawn locations, Skill Fruit trees, and Treasure Chests through the Item Spawns category. Enhance your inventory with valuable items strategically placed across the map.

Enemy Locations

  • Stay ahead of challenges by locating enemy NPC camps and formidable Alpha Pals. The Enemy Locations category provides insights into potential threats, allowing you to plan your encounters strategically.

Captured Pals

  • Keep track of your captured Pals, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your Pal companions and their locations.

Important Locations

  • Fast Travel Points, potential Dungeon spawns, and Syndicate Towers are vital elements for seamless navigation. The Important Locations category ensures you never miss a beat in your exploration of the Palpagos Islands.

How to play Palworld Map

Using mouse

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