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One Punch Man World

One Punch Man: World plunges players into the immersive and action-packed anime world of One Punch Man. Embark on an epic journey alongside Saitama, the Hero for Fun, as you unravel the captivating storyline and take on formidable foes like the Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, and Beast King. Prepare to explore a richly detailed world brimming with beloved characters, engaging quests, thrilling challenges, and exciting collectibles waiting to be discovered.


1. Dive into the One Punch Man Universe:

  • Immerse yourself in the highly-anticipated anime world of One Punch Man.
  • Follow the adventures of Saitama and other iconic characters as you delve into the captivating storyline.

2. Engage in Epic Anime Battles:

  • Experience exhilarating anime battles against various heroes and villains from the franchise.
  • Customize your combat style with unique abilities, skills, and finishing moves to dominate your adversaries.

3. Build Your Team:

  • Assemble a team of iconic heroes and powerful villains to combat the sinister wave of monster attacks.
  • Play as C-Class to S-Class heroes and villains like Genos, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, and more.
  • Discover each character's supernatural abilities, physical power, and unique fighting style.

4. Battle Bosses and Monsters:

  • Face off against infamous monsters from the One Punch Man universe in epic battles.
  • Use your character's abilities strategically to defeat bosses and clear levels across different story challenges.

5. Explore an Anime World:

  • Embark on an open-world exploration filled with vibrant characters and bustling environments.
  • Discover collectibles, side quests, and hidden treasures as you navigate through ONE PUNCH MAN: WORLD.

How to play One Punch Man World

Using mouse

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