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Mr. Mine

About Mr. Mine Game

Grab your pickaxe and embark on a mining adventure in the captivating and strategic idle game known as Mr. Mine. The primary objective of this game is to dig deep into the Earth to uncover the rarest and most valuable materials available. As you delve further into the depths of Mr. Mine, you'll amass wealth and gradually enhance your mining capabilities.


Game Rules

In Mr. Mine, you'll follow these game rules:

  1. Initiating Your Journey: To begin your mining expedition, simply click the "New Game" button. Your journey commences by clicking on minerals to mine them.

  2. Resource Management: As you gather minerals, you can sell them at the sales center to earn money. This money can be utilized to recruit additional employees, upgrade your drill, or expand your ore-carrying capacity.

  3. Navigating the Mines: To traverse up and down your mind, click the green buttons situated on the left side of the screen or utilize your scroll wheel. Shortcut icons within the scrollbar will help you pinpoint areas of interest.

  4. Uncover Secrets: Delving deeper will reveal hidden secrets and unlock exciting features. Look out for trade sheds for merchant interactions, super miners to boost your mining speed, caves to explore, and even an underground city.

  5. Hazards and Upgrades: Be cautious as you delve deeper into the mines. Hazards like cave-ins and gas leaks may set you back if not dealt with swiftly. Upgrading your tools is crucial to maintain your status as a skilled miner.


Mr. Mine offers a range of engaging features:

  • Strategic Idle Gameplay: Explore the depths of the Earth as you mine for valuable materials and manage your resources.

  • Upgrades and Employees: Invest your earnings in recruiting employees, upgrading your mining equipment, and expanding your ore-carrying capacity.

  • Deep Exploration: As you dig deeper, unlock hidden treasures and intriguing locations within the mines.

  • Challenging Hazards: Beware of cave-ins and gas leaks that can impede your progress. Stay vigilant and upgrade your equipment to overcome these challenges.

  • Rare Golden Chests: Golden chests are among the rarest in the game, offering valuable rewards. Keep an eye out for ethereal chests, even rarer and filled with extraordinary goodies.

How to play Mr. Mine

To enjoy your mining adventure in Mr. Mine, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "New Game" button to initiate your mining journey.
  2. Click on minerals to mine and gather them.
  3. Sell the minerals at the sell center to earn money.
  4. Use your earnings to hire employees, upgrade your drill, and expand your ore-carrying capacity.
  5. Navigate the mines by clicking the green buttons on the left or using your scroll wheel.
  6. Keep an eye out for shortcuts and hidden features within the scrollbar.
  7. Delve deeper to uncover secrets, but stay prepared for hazards like cave-ins and gas leaks.
  8. Upgrade your tools to ensure your success as a skilled miner.

In Mr. Mine, your mining skills will be put to the test as you venture deep into the Earth in search of riches. Can you rise to the challenge and become a master miner?

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