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MooMoo is an addictive .io game that combines resource gathering, base building, and survival elements. In the game, players must gather resources, construct structures, and defend themselves from other players in order to survive and thrive. Here's more information about


  1. Gathering Resources: Players start by collecting resources such as wood and stone by hitting trees and rocks, respectively. These resources are essential for building structures and upgrades.

  2. Building Structures: Using the gathered resources, players can construct walls and windmills. Walls provide protection to your valuable resources and windmills generate points over time. Building strategic defenses is crucial to safeguarding your progress and ensuring your survival.

  3. Food and HP: Players can also hit fruit bushes to gather food. Consuming food helps restore your Health Points (HP) and keeps you in good condition.

  4. Leveling Up and Upgrades: As you gather resources, you earn experience points that contribute to leveling up. With each level gained, you can choose different upgrades to enhance your abilities and survival chances. These upgrades can include increased gathering speed, improved weapon damage, and more.

  5. Player Interaction: is a multiplayer game, and other players can pose both a threat and an opportunity. Some players may choose to attack and loot your resources, so it's important to be vigilant and defend yourself when necessary. Alternatively, you can also team up with other players to increase your chances of survival.

  6. Game Modes: offers various game modes, including the classic mode, team mode, and sandbox mode. Each mode presents a unique gameplay experience and allows players to choose their preferred style of play. provides an engaging and competitive experience where players must gather resources, build structures, and defend themselves in a hostile environment. With a variety of upgrades and game modes, it offers a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience. However, keep in mind that the game can be highly competitive, and interacting with other players requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Enjoy the game and strive to become the dominant force in the world!


How to play MooMoo

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • 1 to 9 keys or left click to select item/building
  • Left click or space to gather resource/hit other players
  • E to toggle auto-attack
  • Q to quick select food
  • X to lock rotation
  • R to ping minimap
  • C to add map marker
  • Enter to chat

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