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M13n: Miniaturization

M13n: Miniaturization is a unique and engaging clicker game that offers a distinctive twist – instead of striving for larger numbers, the objective is to make the numbers smaller. In this captivating game, players aim to sell more units within a fixed container size, presenting a novel challenge that sets it apart from traditional clicker games.


1. Reverse Clicker Concept:

  • Experience a fresh take on the clicker genre with the unique concept of making numbers smaller. The game challenges players to strategize and optimize unit sizes within the constraints of a fixed container.

2. Shipment and Size Reduction:

  • To earn money, players must sell shipments and actively reduce the size of units by whacking them. Balancing these two aspects is key to success, adding a layer of strategy to the clicker experience.

3. Research and Minimum Size:

  • Dive into the world of research to establish an achievable theoretical minimum size for units. This introduces a goal-setting element to the gameplay, encouraging players to continuously optimize and improve.

4. Hiring Idle Workers:

  • As you progress, unlock the ability to hire salespeople, engineers, and researchers to handle idle work. Automation becomes a crucial aspect, allowing players to focus on strategic decisions while their team handles routine tasks.

How to play M13n: Miniaturization

Using mouse

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