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Infinite Fusion

Players can combine several Pokémon to create new species in the fan-made adventure game Infinite Fusion, which was created by Schrroms. With extra gaming features and a plot, the game builds on the idea of the Pokémon Fusion online app.

Infinite Fusion has the following features:

  1. Fusion System: Players can combine two different Pokémon to create an entirely new species. They can also combine their elemental types and techniques. Within the game, DNA Splicers—which speed up the fusion process—can be purchased at Pokémarts.
  2. Pokémon Availability: All of the Generation I and II Pokémon, along with their evolutions, are included in the game. It also includes 101 new Pokémon species spanning Generations III through VII, giving players a huge selection of Pokémon to combine and train.
  3. Players can travel around the Kanto and Johto regions while earning 16 badges for completing the gym leader challenge. Additional sites to explore are also present in the Kanto region, enhancing the entire gameplay experience.
  4. After finishing the main plot, players can participate in postgame content. This entails visiting the Sevii Islands and taking part in Johto events. There are additional cities, riddles, and sidequests that can be completed for rewards and challenges. During the postgame, players can also capture 25 Legendary Pokémon.
  5. Customization: From the in-game menu, players can give the Pokémon they catch a moniker, which lets them make their squad unique.
  6. Narrative and Subquests: Over 40 subquests from NPCs provide richness to the landscape and tale by expanding on the in-game narrative.
  7. Battle Features: After defeating an NPC, players can trade with them or challenge them to more challenging battles. Players can further develop their talents in the game's battle-focused locales, such as the Triple Battle Lounge and Battle Factory. For various gameplay scenarios, there is also a Classic Mode and a Randomizer Mode.
  8. Infinite Fusion has additional features such as a Speed Up button that quickens the game's speed, a Day/Night cycle that runs independently of the real-time clock, and a Reversed Mode that flips the order of trainer fusions.

How to play Infinite Fusion

Your character can be moved by either the arrow keyboard or the left analog stick on a game controller.

To interact with items, and NPCs, or to confirm menu options, use the "Enter" key on your keyboard or the "A" button on a controller.

To cancel or return from a menu, press the "Backspace" key on your keyboard or the "B" button on a game controller.

To navigate menus and choices, use the arrow keys or the D-pad on a game controller. To choose items from menus, press the "Enter" key or the appropriate button.

Battle controls: During battles, you can choose moves, swap Pokémon, use items, and make a variety of battle selections using the keyboard or gamepad buttons. Battle controls in particular may be covered in-game or in a tutorial.

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