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Home Safety Hotline

Home Safety Hotline is an indie game developed and published by Night Signal Entertainment. Launched on January 16, 2024, this unique telephone operator experience takes players back to 1996, immersing them in a call center setting where seemingly routine household problems escalate into terrifying, life-threatening situations.

Home Safety Hotline: An Overview

Home Safety Hotline stands out as an indie analog horror-inspired game, challenging players to navigate the eerie corridors of a call center dedicated to homeowners seeking assistance with various household issues. From mundane problems like pest infestations and frozen pipes to more sinister occurrences like carbon dioxide leaks, spontaneously appearing feasts, and even metamorphosis and reanimations, the game promises a spine-tingling and suspenseful experience.

The Year is 1996: Step into a Retro Horror Setting

Set against the backdrop of 1996, Home Safety Hotline not only delivers an atmospheric analog horror experience but also transports players to a retro era. The pixelated graphics and immersive sound design contribute to the game's nostalgic aesthetic, adding an extra layer of intensity to the horror unfolding within the Home Safety Hotline call center.

Navigate Exotic and Dangerous Situations: Operator Training is Key

As a new employee of the Home Safety Hotline, players must train to recognize and respond to a myriad of household problems – both common and exotic. The game introduces operators to everything from foundation damage and night wisps to life-threatening hazards like house fires and reanimations. The challenge lies in providing good, accurate advice to callers, as more than just property value depends on it.

Give Accurate Advice: Property Value and Lives at Stake

In-Home Safety Hotline, the stakes are high. Players must strive to give good, accurate advice to callers, knowing that the safety of homes and lives hinges on their expertise. Whether it's dealing with a pest infestation or identifying a potentially lethal hazard, the decisions made by operators in this analog horror game have far-reaching consequences.

How to play Home Safety Hotline

Using mouse

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