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Geometry Rash

Geometry Rash is a thrilling geometric running game that brings the world of geometric shapes to life! In this unblocked running adventure, players take on the role of a sensitive square, navigating through a challenging landscape filled with obstacles. The mission is clear – dodge menacing pointed shapes, as even the slightest touch can reset your progress. Can you steer your way through obstacles and achieve the highest score?


1. Geometric Running Adventure:

  • Experience the excitement of a geometric running adventure where every move matters. Dash through a dynamic environment filled with obstacles and challenges.

2. Sensitive Square Protagonist:

  • Step into the shoes of a sensitive square, adding a unique twist to the traditional endless running genre. Navigate the course with precision to avoid obstacles.

3. Spiky Triangle Threat:

  • Watch out for spiky triangles scattered along the runway. These sharp obstacles pose a significant threat, requiring players to skillfully avoid them to progress in the game.

4. Avoid Flat Shapes:

  • While jumping, be cautious not to come into contact with flat shapes. Although lacking spikes, a hard collision with these shapes will reset your progress in the game.

5. Mastering the Jump Rhythm:

  • Timing is crucial in avoiding spikes, and mastering the jump rhythm is essential. Navigate through challenging scenarios, and with laser-like focus, make lightning-fast leaps between levels.

6. Unlockable Characters:

  • Collect stars scattered along the path to unlock new characters. Click on the square box in the main menu and unlock a new character by pressing on any square presented on the screen.

How to play Geometry Rash

  • Use your mouse click, the W key or the upper arrow key to jump over the obstacles.

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