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Galaga is a classic fixed shooter arcade video game that was developed and published by Namco in 1981. In North America, it gained widespread popularity through its release by Midway Manufacturing. This iconic game is recognized as the sequel to Galaxian, marking Namco's significant entry into the world of arcade gaming.

The gameplay of Galaga revolves around a player-controlled spaceship navigating through space while fending off waves of alien invaders. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Galaga introduced enhanced graphics, engaging mechanics, and a captivating gaming experience that continues to resonate with retro gaming enthusiasts.


In Galaga, players face a relentless onslaught of alien forces, each with its unique movement patterns and attack strategies. The primary objective is to maneuver the player's spaceship, known as the "Galaxip," to destroy the incoming alien fleets. Here are the key rules governing the gameplay:

1. Alien Waves: Galaga features multiple waves of alien formations, each increasing in complexity and difficulty. Players must skillfully navigate their spaceship to avoid collisions with the aliens and their projectiles.

2. Capture and Double Ship: One distinctive feature of Galaga is the ability for players to have their spaceship captured by an enemy "Galaga" ship. Successfully freeing the captured ship results in a dual spacecraft formation, allowing players to double their firepower.

3. Challenging Boss Stages: Periodically, players encounter challenging boss stages where they face formidable alien entities. These stages add an extra layer of intensity to the gameplay, requiring strategic maneuvers and precise shooting skills.


Enhanced Graphics and Sound: Galaga boasted advanced graphics for its time, featuring vibrant colors and detailed sprite animations. The game's sound effects and music complemented the visual experience, immersing players in the thrilling space battle.

Dual Ship Formation: A standout feature of Galaga is the ability to achieve a dual ship formation by rescuing a captured spaceship. This dynamic element added strategic depth to the gameplay, allowing players to unleash more firepower against the alien invaders.

Enduring Legacy: Galaga's legacy extends beyond its initial release, influencing subsequent generations of arcade and video games. The game's straightforward yet challenging gameplay, coupled with its iconic design, has contributed to its enduring popularity in the gaming community.

How to play Galaga

Using mouse

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